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Terrence Howard on Oprah’s Tig Ol’ Bitties

terrence-howardThe upcoming movie, The Butler by Lee Daniel has been much talked about, especially due to its star studded cast. Although the release date hasn’t yet been declared, the movie is expected to make its way into Hollywood later this year. Speculated and awaited by crowds alike, The Butler recently made the news regarding statements made by actor Terrence Howard in interviews with major celebrities news media.

The Actor opined and leaked that he thoroughly enjoyed shooting the intimate scenes with Oprah Winfrey (mostly some parts of Oprah’s Anatomy) and also praised Oprah through the skies. Says Terrence,’ She is beautiful.

Oprah is indeed a beautiful, lovely and voluptuous woman.’ The insight given by Terence into the movie Is much appreciated as fans clamour to get more statements and revelations from Terrence Howard. The actor himself is pleased about the movie and is seemingly ‘pleased’ with Oprahs tig ol’ bitties. The actress is much more likely to scream in anger rather than pleasure now that Terrence has gone forward to open up intimate details of the shoot.

The episode has turned out to be humongous promotion for the movie, with more movie critics and fans gathering by the moment, holding on to their seats, and waiting for the dates to be released. One has to congratulate Terrence for being ‘quite the man’, promoting the film and ‘appreciating’ his co star quite flatteringly! Oprah has not yet made a statement on the subject. All we can do is wonder!